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Empowering Change

Our pledge to Customers, Team Members and Vendor Partners.

It’s clear that racism still exists in our country—and in the day-to-day lives of too many Black citizens. As the founder of a company whose core mission the past 35 years has been to serve those dedicated to caring for and serving others, it’s been particularly upsetting to me.

We’re very proud to support a global, highly diverse customer base. After meeting thousands of dedicated healthcare, foodservice, and hospitality professionals over the years, I’ve seen first-hand the long grueling shifts you work and the sacrifices you make. Especially now, as you risk your own health and safety to care for the sick and injured or attend to the public’s needs.

The thought that any of you or your loved ones are treated unjustly—in light of all you do—is beyond troubling. It’s our ethical duty as a nation to make these much-needed changes an urgent priority.

Uniform Advantage® Brands has always been a company where all voices are heard and valued. Racism in any form—to employees, customers, or vendors— is never tolerated.

Our management team is more than 60% female, and almost half non-white. Our U.S. workforce is just as diverse as the customers we serve. Every day, our team brings vastly different thinking, backgrounds, and perspectives to work. It’s precisely those differences that make the products and service you see so much better than they ever could have been.

We’re proudly pursuing that open, inclusive culture beyond our doorstep by donating $75,000 to two deserving organizations working urgently to end racial barriers in our communities.

Our Committee of Black UA® team members, comprised of employees from our corporate office, warehouse, and stores, carefully researched which deserving organizations could make the greatest impact with respect to anti-racism. Details on the two organizations they selected are below.

As a company and as concerned human beings, we must do more than simply voice our support for racial equality: we must help empower it. I am deeply appreciative of every member of our Committee who shared their time, thinking and personal dedication to helping us pursue this mission.

Susan's Signature Susan Masimore President & CEO

The Organizations

Urban League of America

a national organization focused on economic empowerment; health care access; educational, job, and housing opportunities; and civil rights guarantees for the underserved in America. Uniform Advantage® Brands will make a $50,000 donation, divided into increments of $10,000 to be allocated to these Signature Programs.
Project Wellness

Reducing racial health disparities and promoting health and wellness.

Project Ready

Readying African American and other urban youth for college and careers through a set of evidence-based standards, impactful local and national partnerships, innovative content, asset-based approaches, professional development, and practical tools.

Entrepreneurship Centers

Enabling minority entrepreneurs, running their businesses as sole proprietors, to be able to hire employees and grow their revenues above $750K, and helping small businesses negatively affected by the recession to begin to grow and thrive again.

Urban Reentry Jobs Program

Providing formerly incarcerated adults with necessary skills and training to successfully re-enter the job market and find positions with livable wages that can lead to elevated income.

Financial Empowerment Centers

To help low- and moderate-incomes families earn more, keep more of what they earn, begin to build savings and assets, and move up the economic ladder.

Georgia State Medical Association

a regional non-profit association founded by Black physicians striving to educate colleagues, patients, partners and associates about the importance of diversity in Medicine. UA® Brands will make a $25,000 donation in support of its Annual Health Care Careers Program, striving to prepare the next generation of Black men and women for higher-level careers in healthcare via a two-tiered approach.

Tier One

Laying the groundwork: introducing high school students to a variety of medical field professions, driving awareness and inspiration around these opportunities.

Tier Two

Following up with a more intensive program: providing high school and college students with interactive, engaging experiences involving local health care professionals who volunteer their time and resources.

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